Pictures, sounds and moods.

Download Reclog on your device and make your memories even more beautiful than yesterday.

Did you ever think "Oh, if this photo could talk!". From today you can. Take a picture, record audio and share it with all your friends, in just a second. Reclog gives rise to a new generation of multimedia content. Don’t describe your emotions, commit these with your voice. It’s all very, very exciting.”

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Use the outbox!

You've done a lot of take, but you want to publish using the wi-fi or you want to choose only the best?

Nothing could be easier. At the end of the recording, choose the option "Save". You can add or edit the text and select which social network you want to publish the take or keep them private.

Take a picture, record and share!

With Reclog you can take pictures, record audio, and share it, but not only that. You can apply amazing filter on your photos, use hashtag to look for the most interesting take and you can also tag your friends.
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